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Currently, this site contains 44 articles. Articles are numbered and sorted into topics, which are listed in the content column.

Sources and transformation of energy

1. From the History of Transformation Technologies

2. Sun radiation as source of energy

3. Biomass as source of energy

4. Use of wind energy

5. Use of water gradient

6. Heat cycles and their realizations

7. Organic fuels and their cycles

8. Use of heat of Earth

9. Nuclear energy industry

10. Principles of production of electricity and heat in household

Introduction to turbomachinery

11. Turbomachine

12. Essential equations of turbomachines

13. Energy balances of turbomachines

14. Relation between shaft work and internal work of turbomachine stage

15. Shapes of parts and materials of turbomachines

16. Fundamentals of aerodynamic of blade profiles and blade rows

17. Losses in turbomachines

18. Similarities of turbomachines

19. Design of axials turbomachine stages

20. Design of radials and diagonals turbomachine stages

21. Water turbines and rotodynamic pumps

22. Wind turbines and fans

Heat turbines and turbocompressors

23. Heat turbines and turbocompressors

24. Materials and theory of machine parts of turbomachines

25. Steam turbine in technological unit

26. Turbocompressor in technological unit

27. Gas turbine in technological unit

Steam piston engine

28. Steam piston engine

29. Thermodynamic design of steam piston engine

30. Calculation of move and dimensions of slide valve

31. Essential equations of crank mechanism of steam engine

Stirling engine

33. Stirling engine

34. Stirling Engine Cycle

35. Energy balance of Stirling engine cycle

36. Losses in Stirling engines


37. Throttling of gases and steam

38. A pressure loss during fluid flow and its calculation

39. Mach number and effects at high velocity flow

40. Flow of gases and steam through nozzles

41. Flow of gases and steam through diffusers

Some chapters of technical sciences

42. Engineering mathematics

43. Engineering thermomechanics

44. Engineering chemistry
The article is not public yet.

45. Electrical engineering
The article is not public yet.

46. Photon

47. Introduction to the world of smallest dimensions

48. Elasticity and vibration
The article is not public yet.

49. Strengh
The article is not public yet.